Workers' COMPanion January 2017


Maintaining My Roots

I did my best — and maybe my most important — job interview dressed in my scroungiest clothes. Well, maybe scroungy is a little strong, but I definitely wasn't donning a suit. Instead, I sat in my future employer's fancy leather chair in a ratty sweatshirt and beat–up jeans, straightening my spine in an attempt to look ... CONTINUE READING


Impressive Case Results

Tinh P. and her husband moved to the Columbus area at a young age from Southeast Asia. After their three children started school, Tinh went to work on the assembly line at a large food processing plant. After several years, she noticed the onset of pain in her hands and elbows and was diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. Following surgery to each wrist, she returned ... CONTINUE READING


Horsing Around at Work

The weird thing about the term "horseplay" is that you don't see horses getting all that rough very often. Sure, they nip each other and can certainly get into some seriously violent fights, but horseplay is usually pretty tame. The same goes for employees goofing off at work — nine times out of 10. It's that 10th time you need to worry about. Some of the fooling around you do could result in... CONTINUE READING

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