Workers' COMPanion July 2017


The Perfect Excuse for a Family Gathering

Any parent with adult kids knows the strange feeling that comes over you as the kids grow up and prepare to leave home. It's not exactly sadness, because I feel immense pride in my children for their success and independence. Nonetheless, it is certainly a shift in the pace of life. Of course, there are some benefits, too. I have to say, my wife and I covet the time we get to spend decompressing ... CONTINUE READING


The 3 Keys to a Successful Claim

There are three key steps that, if done improperly or not at all, drastically increase the odds of your workers' compensation claim being contested. The longer a claim is contested, the longer it takes to be approved, the longer it takes for your treatment to be authorized, and the longer it takes for you to receive ... CONTINUE READING


Sweatin' in the Sunshine

As the summer sun begins to beat down, your excuses to avoid working out go up in smoke. Here are some ways to mix it up and get outdoors.

Take advantage of hills. Today, instead of ramping up your treadmill, find a hill around your home. Ideally, you want the incline to be ... CONTINUE READING

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