Workers' COMPanion June 2017


'Something Else'

This Father's Day, I'm thinking about my dad. Ask anybody about him, and you're bound to get the same response: "He was something else." Well, I'm here to tell you they don't know the half of it ... CONTINUE READING


Impressive Case Results

Don C. from Crooksville, Ohio, suffered injuries to his wrist and low back while working as a semi truck driver for a national pizza chain. At age 44, he underwent a carpal tunnel release and a series of nerve blocks for his back. Having quit school in the 10th grade, and without a GED, Don's employment options were limited to begin with, and ... CONTINUE READING


Do I Need an Attorney for My

Workers' Comp Case?

After a nasty tailbone-to-concrete workplace fall, or an injury caused by machinery on the jobsite, you may be wondering whether to get an attorney involved.

To tell the truth, it depends. Not all claims involve serious injuries, and certainly not all claims require an attorney at the helm ... CONTINUE READING

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