Workers' COMPanion May 2017


Steadfast, Supporter, Surgeon

My mother was tough to the point where she almost seemed invincible. Though she wasn't big, she could endure more than anybody I've ever met. When she went to the dentist, even if it was for a dreaded root canal, she would insist that she not be anesthetized. She thought the shot was worse than the pain of a dentist digging around the roots of her teeth ... CONTINUE READING


Treat Yourself on the Cheap

Frugality might seem like a death sentence for fun, but if you're creative, it's more than doable to have a great time and still live well within your means ... CONTINUE READING


An Epic American Journey

It's easy to forget that not so long ago, much of the United States was largely an uninhabited wilderness. When Thomas Jefferson organized the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, he knew little of the vast swath of land he had bought on behalf of the country. To survey the newly acquired terrain ... CONTINUE READING

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