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Timothy B. went to work after completing the 10th grade at a JVS in Bellefontaine, OH as a maintenance tech for an apartment complex. His work was varied, from repairing, replacing and maintaining equipment to keeping the grounds clean. Not surprisingly, he became a “jack of all trades” and enjoyed this work for many years. 

Tim began developing intermittent low back pain that worsened to the point his doctor sent him for diagnostic tests. Tim ultimately underwent two very extensive low back surgeries, including a multilevel fusion for disc herniations at L4-5 and L5-S1. These were followed by implantation of a spinal cord stimulator for pain management and several efforts at work hardening and rehabilitation. 

After several years and nearly $350,000 in claim costs, Tim’s initial application for permanent total disability was denied. Not to be deterred, Tim again attempted vocational retraining authorized by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. After the rehab efforts were exhausted, the second application for permanent total disability was granted when, following a favorable medical opinion, we were able to have the Industrial Commission authorize permanent total disability benefits without the need of another hearing (a very rare event)!

Tim still walks with a cane and requires ongoing medical treatment for his injuries. Fortunately, his inability to work doesn’t preclude him from having a home and providing for his family. His lifetime benefits are estimated by the BWC to be more than a million dollars.

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