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Marc S. was employed by Muskingum when he sustained a devastating injury at 41 years of age. He fell out of the back of a moving pickup truck, struck his head on the pavement, and lost consciousness. His skull fractured, and blood clots developed in his brain. After he got to the hospital, doctors diagnosed him with a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

In addition to his physical injuries, his TBI resulted in a profound personality change. He has required ongoing residential treatment in a program that can support his complex medical and behavioral needs. Needless to say, he will require lifetime care.

The Client is Awarded Compensation and Medical Benefits

Not long after his injury, we were instrumental in obtaining approval for Marc to be transferred to a nationally recognized center in Pennsylvania for long-term treatment of his condition. Following several years at the facility, his condition improved to where we were able to assist in having him relocated back to Ohio to be closer to family, including his brother, who has been granted guardianship.

After several years of temporary total disability benefits, as his condition continued to show modest but steady improvement, we obtained a 72% disability rating for Marc, and he was placed on permanent total disability. Compensation and medical benefits paid and payable in his claim total several million dollars.


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