Kenny H. worked as an iron worker, welder, fabricator and lead worker/shop foreman. A mere six weeks before his 40th birthday, Kenny was riding a Dynapak that hit a hole and jerked the steering wheel. The machine flipped over and he jumped off on his right leg, feeling it pop three times. Many knee surgeries followed, including two ACL repairs. After successfully returning to work for a couple years, Kenny developed a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and a blood clot that lodged in his lung. His doctors confirmed this resulted from his surgeries and required additional allowance hearings before they could implant a vena cava filter with a thoracotomy and wedge resection of Kenny’s lower lung lobe. He subsequently developed a cellulitis and abscess of his left arm requiring more treatment.

Twice denied permanent total disability, Kenny attempted vocational rehabilitation but was determined by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and Industrial Commission of Ohio not to be a suitable candidate in 2008. He reapplied and successfully completed vocational training services including job seeking skills training in 2011 but his case was closed in 2011 as his job search was unsuccessful. His DVT continued to cause problems and he underwent extensive surgery, including angioplasty of 5 veins in 2011. Kenny’s inability to work and ongoing health problems plunged him into depression and we were successful in obtaining treatment for this condition under his claim to help him cope and improve his quality of life.

The third time being the charm, Kenny was granted permanent total disability nearly 19 years after his injury. After all this time together, Kenny and his wife have become like family to us. We are honored to represent them.