Stacy M. was only 29 when she tripped over a fan cord while working in a Clerk of Courts office in southern Ohio. She fell, injuring her shoulder, ankle and knee. Although her knee and ankle healed after a couple weeks of physical therapy, her shoulder progressively got worse and she developed a staph infection following an MRI arthrogram. Despite two deep debridement surgeries, multiple therapy sessions and several specialists, her condition continued to deteriorate. She developed burning pain in her entire left upper extremity and became a prisoner in her own home, unable even to attend family functions because the pain became unbearable. She was diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, an exceedingly painful neurological condition that can result from what appears otherwise to be a relatively minor injury. Ultimately, she lost all use of her left arm and developed a major depression and a seizure disorder. Although young and highly educated (Stacy was a certified paralegal), we were able to able to have declared permanently and totally disabled as a result of her devastating injuries to her left arm.  She also received a separate award of compensation for the total loss of use of her arm totaling nearly $150,000. Future compensation and benefits are projected to total approximately $2,000,000.

James Monast
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