Tommy W. is a long-time client from Columbus, Ohio. Over the years he worked as a plumber, Tommy sustained injuries resulting in 11 claims filed between 1991-2011. The injuries ranged from sprains and strains to meniscal tears, disc herniations in his back and reflex sympathetic dystrophy, an exceedingly painful neurological condition. Tommy was able to return to work following most of these injuries and we were successful in obtaining sizable settlements on those claims.

In 2011, however, he suffered a massive disc herniation in his lower back after filling in several tons of gravel and cranking a wrench to stop a leak in a pipe. He underwent emergency surgery resulting in a fusion of his back. Despite extensive therapy and rehabilitation, his condition did not substantially improve. Tommy had a 10th grade education with no GED but had worked very successfully as a plumber all his adult life after being honorably discharged from the United States Army. He became depressed following this final injury that failed to improve and required him to use a cane and at times even a walker.

His employer vigorously fought his claim, even filing into Court after we obtained his claim allowance before the Industrial Commission. After several years of temporary total disability and failed efforts at vocational rehabilitation, we were successful in having Tommy awarded permanent total disability benefits even though the Industrial Commission’s examining doctors opined Tommy’s disability was not work-prohibitive. Tommy is a good man who overcame many injuries and limited education to be very successful in a skilled trade until his final injury. We are honored to have him as our client and to have helped secure future income for him and his family.

James Monast
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