Our workers comp client Mark

"Just want to thank you guys for all your help with my BWC case. Jim has been my attorney since my fall in 2004 and I don't know how in the world I'd have dealt with it without you guys. I'd have giving up if I didn't have a Great group of people working with and protecting me. There were times I was ready to give up and you guys would come through on some really tough battles. You always kept me informed on the process and progress. Any time I'd have a complaint or problem with BWC you would take care of it right away, when BWC sent me to any of (THEIR) Dr.s it was always a BIG JOKE, but you guy's would NOT let them get away with trying to use their CORRUPT style of treating people and sent me to Dr.s that were NOT just there to give BWC what they wanted, but had the best interest in helping me with all my injuries and not afraid to stand up to BWC. I fell 20 feet and landed on my back on concrete, luck had no part of me surviving, the good LORD above is what saved me ! Yet BWC ALWAYS treated me like I should be just fine, but I'll have problems the rest of my life, but thanks to you guy's for MAKING them do what is RIGHT! Thank you guy's for PROTECTING and FIGHTING for the HONEST WORKING PERSON, I'd have to say BWC is the most CROOKED outfit I've ever heard of or dealt with. So if anyone has to deal with them get prepared and get a GREAT attorney with a GREAT crew of people that will FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS AGAINST BWC. I recommend THE LAW OFFICE OF JAMES MONAST ! Special Thanks to Wilma also for all you've done throughout this process, Jim must be EXTREMELY happy to have you with his Law Firm!  THANKS !!"

Mark Hill