What I really like with the job that I do with people is that I get to help people who are really in a bad way. No one is having a good day if they are having to call an attorney, especially if they get hurt at work. I understand that, which is why I want to help these people through a tough situation. They have questions like, “How am I going to work?” “How am I going to provide for my family?”

People get a lot of satisfaction out of their jobs a lot of times, and through no fault of their own they get hurt on the job, and they really just want to get fixed and get back to work. But a lot of times there are road blocks along the way with that. They may have a unique fact pattern in their claim that causes the Bureau to question the claim or have some concerns about it, or their employer may decide to fight their claim.  It may be a perfectly legitimate claim (most of the times it is), but the employer might have many reasons to fight the claim. They may want to set an example for other employees there. If a company gets a reputation for consistently fighting claims, then the employees that get hurt there will probably know from talking with co-workers to file it under their health insurance because it will be months before they get any money for the claim or treatment approved.


James Monast
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