Our client Bev awarded lifetime benefitsBeverly Hursh from Urbana is feisty! Bev’s the only one of my longtime clients who’s worked as a beautician and as a registered nurse — at the same time!

After high school, Bev got her cosmetology license and worked as a stylist and beautician. Eventually, she opened her own salon and ran it successfully for nearly 25 years. In the category of “now for something completely different,” Bev decided in her 40s to go back to school at Clark State where she got her associate’s degree in nursing, all while continuing to run the salon. She did home health for a while, then some tech work at Madison County Hospital. Ever driven, she then became an RN and ultimately an RN supervisor, managing staff (and doctors!) and 30–50 patients.

Nurses are prone to many injuries, from getting accidentally stuck with a needle to straining while lifting or restraining patients. Catching her foot on a mat resulted in Bev’s first injury to her neck, back, shoulders, and hip while at Villa Springfield. Though she required ongoing treatment, she returned to work, ultimately at Covenant Care.

Icy parking lots cause just as much havoc for nurses as they do for us. Bev’s second injury happened when she slipped on ice getting out of her car, sliding under the car next to hers and tearing her rotator cuff. After returning to light duty, she tore it again trying to stop a medical cart. Office work proved no safer, as a final accident resulted from her desk chair flipping her backwards. Two shoulder surgeries left her limited, as did her back and neck injuries. When work is such a huge and satisfying part of our lives, severe injuries that knock us out of our careers are depressing. Despite several attempts at rehabilitation and conditioning, Bev’s injuries progressed to where she could no longer work. However, we were able to get lifetime benefits awarded to her.

Bev enjoys spending time with her family, including her granddaughter, who took this lovely photo of her grandmother. You can just tell from that gleam in her eye that Bev is still one feisty lady! She’s a delightful client and friend. 

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