Don C. from Crooksville Ohio suffered injuries to his wrist and low back while working as a semi-truck driver for a national pizza chain.  At age 44, he underwent a carpal tunnel release and a series of nerve blocks for his back. Having quit school in the 10th grade and not obtaining a GED, Don’s employment options were limited to begin with and further reduced when he sustained his injuries at work. His back continued to worsen and he was diagnosed with a chronic pain syndrome. Eventually, he needed a cane to assist with walking.

After failing to improve in spite of extensive medical treatment, Don became depressed when his injuries prevented him from providing for his young family. We were able to have depression recognized in his claim as having resulted from his injuries so that he could begin receiving treatment to improve his quality of life. Ultimately, when it became clear he could no longer return to work in any capacity, we were successful in obtaining Social Security benefits for Don as well as permanent total disability under his workers' compensation claim.   

James Monast
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