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Gosh, we’ve benefited from knowing our friend and client Heidi Pyle Griffith for nearly 20 years! A Springfield gal through and through, Heidi was born in Springfield and raised in Tremont City. She went to Northwestern High School, married an Urbana boy, and has never moved far from home base. 

We got to know her when, as a young lass, she worked assembling windows and screens at Marvin’s. This is hand-intensive work, pulling rails, putting in clamps, stretching screens, and meeting production quotas. She started there out of high school. After 16 years, it took its toll on her shoulders and wrists.

She hoped the pain and weakness would go away, but they didn’t. Ultimately, after having been treated with rest, cortisone injections, wrist/thumb immobilization, carpal tunnel surgery, and medication, she had to find much less physically demanding work. Fortunately for many, she began providing care services to seniors who choose to age happily at home. Now, she is a senior agent for a major hotel chain, using her people skills to serve harried travelers.

Client Wins Settlement Claim From Window Assembly Job Injury

We walked with her on this journey all these years. And throughout, she’s been a fun, happy, and silly woman who doesn’t give up.  Monast Law Workers Compensation Client That Won Case Settlement

She and her husband William have a son, Luke, and a beautiful granddaughter, Alyssa, who are the light of her life. She also has Bentley the wonder dog who enjoys watching Bengals games with the family and riding along on road trips.

She recently closed her claim, and we helped. Fortunately, our friendship lives on. Springfield is a happier town with the joy our dear friend Heidi spreads. We are blessed to know her!

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