Difference between medical-only and lost-time workers' comp claims in OHThe cost to treat any injury in the workplace should be covered by workers' compensation, no matter how minor it is. If you sustain an injury that requires medical treatment but doesn't keep you off the job for over eight days, you have a medical-only workers' comp claim. If your employer is cooperative, these claims are fairly simple to manage on your own.

An injury that is serious enough to sideline you for more than a week might cause a lost-time claim, which is a little more complicated. We explain the difference here.

Medical-Only Claims

If you're hurt at work and report your injury, get prompt medical treatment, and are back to work in seven days or fewer, you should be able to file a workers' comp claim to have your medical costs covered by workers' comp.

For these types of injuries, you may not even need to submit medical evidence to the Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) to determine if the injury is compensable:

  • First-degree burns over less than 10 percent of your body
  • Superficial lacerations
  • Minor contusions
  • Insect stings
  • Superficial foreign body in the eye
  • Corneal abrasion
  • Superficial abrasion 

These and other injuries have presumptive approval with the BWC, and you should have no problem getting your treatment covered.

Lost-Time Claims

If your injury or illness prevents you from working for eight days or more, you might qualify for lost wage benefits. You would have to file a lost-time claim and provide medical evidence of your inability to perform work tasks.

If your allowed injury or illness requires you to miss over 14 days of work, you'll be compensated for the entire period of time you're disabled. Lost-time claims can be more difficult to manage, and you might need help submitting an initial claim or an appeal if your claim is denied.

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