Columbus worker with shoulder injuryThe shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the body and provides an incredible range of motion we often take for granted on a day-to-day basis. Shoulder injuries can be debilitating. When you can’t lift your arm without pain, even simple tasks like brushing your teeth can be difficult.

Laboring as a construction worker with a shoulder injury may be impossible. If it happened on the job, your medical expenses and lost wages should be covered by Ohio workers’ compensation.

Learn more about these injuries and how to get the benefits you deserve.

Common Construction Worker Shoulder Injuries

In 2016, 6,520 construction workers across the country had to take days off of work due to a shoulder injury sustained on the job, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Laborers and artisans who lift and hold things over their heads—such as painters, drywall hangers, and sheet metal workers—are prone to shoulder injuries. Likewise, carpenters and roofers, who perform repetitive tasks for long periods of time, are also at risk for shoulder problems.

Common injuries these workers experience include:

  • Dislocations. A sudden or unexpected arm movement can cause the ball of the shoulder joint to pop out of the socket. Even after the shoulder is popped back in, the injured worker can experience chronic pain and frequent recurrence.
  • Impingement syndrome or bursitis. Overuse of the shoulder and heavy lifting—common tasks of construction workers—can irritate the rotator cuff, leading to impingement. Immobilization and physical therapy are recommended treatments.
  • Torn rotator cuff. A tear in the group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint is painful and can cause arm weakness. Carpenters and painters can damage the rotator cuff over time due to the repetitive arm motions required by their work.

Any injury of the shoulder joint takes time to heal and often involves expensive physical therapy.

If It's a Workplace Injury, You Should Be Covered

As soon as you realize you've injured your shoulder at work on a construction site, report the injury to your employer, seek medical care, and file a claim for workers’ compensation.

If you have any difficulty getting the approval of your claim, it's wise to contact a workers’ comp attorney. I helped construction workers in Ohio get the benefits they deserve for over 30 years. Get the answers in my free e-book, The Worker’s Guide to Injury Compensation in Ohio, and then call my office to discuss your case.

You should never be made to feel ashamed for filing a workers’ comp claim. I'll fight to get you the compensation—and respect—you deserve.

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