Amazon worker conditionsIt was big news in 2018 when Amazon was named one of the most dangerous places to work in America. Everybody’s favorite click and ship retailer was slammed for pushing hourly workers too hard and creating dangerous work environments for year-round and seasonal employees.

I took a look at the story around Christmastime and reminded readers that even part-time and seasonal employees may have workers’ compensation if they're injured in a fulfillment center.

Unfortunately, little seems to have changed since then, and individuals continue to suffer serious injuries because of the high-pressure environment Amazon has created.

On-Site Clinics Don’t Help

A lot of employers provide on-site health clinics, and Amazon is no exception. The problem with these clinics is the healthcare providers work for the company—not for the patient—and their goal is to patch people up and get them back to work.

In Amazon’s AmCare clinics, they don’t employ doctors. Instead, they hire certified EMTs to provide first aid care, which isn't even legal in some states. Workers report being given ice packs when they visit an AmCare clinic for acute and chronic injuries, but not being given the opportunity to report their injuries. This routine of giving first-aid and returning warehouse employees to the floor is exactly the situation that leads to chronic injuries and ultimately a disability that keeps people off work.

Your Rights as an Amazon Employee

If you work at an Amazon fulfillment center in the Columbus area, you may not have been given information about workers’ compensation, but you're still entitled to it if you're injured on the job and cannot work.

With few exceptions, no matter where you're employed, your medical bills and lost wages are covered by Ohio workers’ compensation when you're hurt at work. Employers who think they are above the law—like Amazon—may violate your rights when you suffer a work-related injury.

Protect Your Rights With Reliable Information

If you want to learn more about Ohio worker’s comp, download a free copy of my book, The Worker’s Guide to Injury Compensation in Ohio. In less than 30 minutes, you'll know how to handle filing a claim, the steps to avoid contested claims, and what to expect if you have pre-existing conditions.

If you have specific questions for me about an injury in an Amazon warehouse—or any other workplace—call me. I’d be happy to help you get the benefits you deserve. 


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