frequent workplace accidents in OhioSome jobs are more hazardous than others. Factory workers, construction crews, and sanitation workers face some of the most dangerous worksites, and suffer high levels of work-related injuries.

However, even a retail clerk or office worker can sustain a debilitating injury that requires time off work—and costly medical treatment to overcome. If fact, the most common workplace accidents can happen in almost any professional environment.

Unfortunately, people injured performing jobs that aren't considered dangerous may have a harder time being taken seriously and getting their workers’ comp claim approved. We look at how common injuries occur in every type of workplace.

How Most Workplace Injuries Happen

Employers in every industry should be prepared to handle on-the-job accidents and provide workers with information about Ohio workers’ compensation. According to Liberty Mutual Insurance’s 2019 Workplace Safety Index, these incidents are the most frequent causes of disabling workplace injuries:

  • Overexertion. Injuries related to lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, and holding are the most commonly-reported workplace injuries. Workers in many fields lift and move heavy loads, including construction and factory workers, and the less obvious retail, food service, and custodial employees.
  • Slips and trips. Otherwise known as falls on the same level, this frequent workplace accident can happen in an office, hospital, store, school, or anywhere where floors might be wet or carpets and wires create a tripping hazard. Slip and falls are common workers’ comp claims. Another cause of serious workplace injuries is resisting a fall after a slip or trip.
  • Fall from a height. Falling off a ladder, platform, or scaffolding is a risk on a construction site, but many other individuals must climb to higher levels in their duties. Custodians, retail workers, landscapers, and maintenance workers are also at risk for dangerous falls.
  • Struck by an object. Restaurant servers, Amazon fulfillment center workers, warehouse store employees, and many other people are in danger of being hurt by objects falling from high shelving. Being hit by a heavy object can cause traumatic brain injury and other serious injuries.
  • Awkward and repetitive motions. Injuries caused by repeated bending, reaching, kneeling, twisting, and just plain standing can do serious damage to joints, muscles, and soft tissue. Grocery store clerks, assembly line workers, teachers, and office workers have high risks of repetitive motion injuries.
  • Motor vehicle crashes. Workers’ compensation covers any injury that occurs in the course and scope of employment. For many people, that means driving a vehicle. Even if it’s not a worker’s main task, if they're in a vehicle crash while performing work duties, their injuries should be covered by workers’ comp.
  • Caught in equipment. Any workplace that uses heavy machinery or equipment puts workers at risk of gruesome accidents. Restaurants, amusement parks, offices, and hospitals are a few of the less-expected places where these accidents occur.
  • Violence. Workplace violence is an unfortunate reality across many industries. Healthcare workers and teachers are two professionals often victims of attacks on the job that cause serious injury.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what kind of accident caused your health issue. If you're injured on the job in Ohio, your medical bills and lost wages should be covered by workers’ compensation.

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