"From the very first time I spoke with Mr. Monast and his staff, I knew without any doubt I was going to be taken care of above and beyond anything I was hoping for at that time. I had never dealt with filing workman's compensation before, let alone, being strongly advised to get an attorney for security and legal purposes. I was injured on the job in March of 2015. With the extent of my injuries, I knew that surgery was going to eventually take place. I didn't have any clue about what I was entitled to while I was off and recovering. Without the help of Mr. Monast & his staff, I would have definitely been cheated out of all that I was supposed to have from my employer. Mr. Monast's legal assistant, Wilma, has been one of the greatest blessings in my life through everything. She has a heart and drive as big as the ocean. There is not a single doubt that she does absolutely everything she can to make sure that the clients are not stressed, burdened, worried, or concerned that all the paperwork, appointments, information, etc, is taken care of when it's due or needed. Mr. Monast assured me that I had nothing to worry about from that day on. He assured me that ALL would be taken care of by himself, along with the assistance of his fantastic staff. I can say with complete certainty that his word was true, kept, and carried out. I have developed a professional relationship with his staff, as well as a personable relationship with his legal assistant, Wilma. I can't even count the amount of times she has been there to lift my spirits, to keep telling me to push through another day, another obstacle, or "block in the road". She has shown so much patience, understanding, and care with me. I am definitely one that has to have things broken down piece by piece, in order for me to fully understand exactly what is going on & what it means so I am able to have a clear & correct understanding. So I would like to let anyone know who reads this, is maybe searching for good and solid representation, that choosing Mr. Monast & his team will benefit you in more ways that you'll ever even imagine. I just want to say a huge THANK YOU FOR ALL that you, Mr. Monast, and your team has done for me to this point, an everything that will continue to be done. Thank you to each an everyone of you in that office for everything you've done & everything you do!! You have ALL been a blessing to me & my family, in more ways we ever sought possible! Thank you, again!!"Brittany S. - Columbus, OH