Video Transcript

Jim Monast: I can remember one time one of the young guys that I played football with his dad had died. And he was being raised by his mother and they lived in a little shanty. And they didn't have money to buy the equipment. So my dad bought the equipment and he and I snuck over there one evening because we didn't want to embarrass them. We left the stuff on the porch. Now they actually caught us in the act and his mom was so grateful for us but these were the kinds of things in the little town I grew up in that you would just take care of on your own. Life throws you curveballs a lot. We work with people who've really had something that turns their lives upside down. We try to give them some encouragement as well as some guidance along the path.

Scott Tatum: I felt my back get tight. By the time I got to my sixth stop, I couldn't walk. For somebody to tell me that I would never be able to drive again, my whole world was crushed. I just didn't know, what to do? I called James and things started going uphill again. But when we got in there, it was like Jim was a shark, he ate em up! If it wasn't for me having an attorney I would have given up by now . James had given me so much confidence that I took no for an answer no more. That's my guy man you know, he's like the best he's really good at what he does. 

Jim Monast: I don't know what you've heard about people on workers comp, dut these people are not welfare bums. They're not trying to live off the system. They're not going to get rich on workers’ compensation. They want to get fixed and get back to work. 

Danielle Finch: I was injured at work, I was taking door panels off of a conveyor and I herniated three discs. My perception of my employer after that happened was I was disappointed, I felt like I was a criminal and maybe that I had done something wrong. I didn't feel like I was being helped. I found Jim Monest and they were there to help me. My favorite thing about this firm is Jim and Wilma. I see them as my family. They, I don't want to cry, but they are like my family. I love them. They are great people.

Jim Monast: What we promise at Monast Law Office is to listen to you, give you advice as to how to move forward with your life, to tell you what your options are, and to let you know that you can move on from here.