finding a workers' comp doctorMany attorneys have several practice areas. But much like medicine, the law has areas of specialization. When you need a lawyer, you want to make sure he or she is qualified and experienced in the practice you need, not someone who merely dabbles in it.

Workers' compensation law is no exception. If you were seriously injured on the job and are struggling with the workers’ comp system, you want an attorney with expertise in the precise issues you're facing and understands the many intricacies of this area of law.  

First Things First: Do You Need a Lawyer at All?

Your employer will probably say you don’t need a lawyer for your workers' comp claim and, sometimes, this is probably correct. If your injury is minor and you see no obstacles to your claim’s approval, you probably don’t need a lawyer.

However, if the following are true, start looking for representation:

  • Your injury or illness isn't clearly work-related.
  • You need extensive medical treatment.
  • You require significant time off work to get better.
  • Your injuries will be permanent and affect work you're able to do in the future.

If you fall into one of these categories, how do you find the right lawyer? You’ll have to do a little research.

What You Should Look for in an Ohio Workers' Comp Attorney

Just like you wouldn’t go to an orthopedist for a heart problem, you don’t want to go to a personal injury or family law attorney for a workers' comp claim, even if they will take your case.

Here’s what you want to look for in a lawyer:

  • Devotes most or all of his or her practice to workers' comp law.
  • Is a certified Ohio workers' comp specialist attorney.
  • Knowledge about your industry and the injury you have.
  • Experience with the issue you're facing—whether it's a delay, denial, or another problem.
  • A record of success in administrative hearings and negotiating settlements.

How do you find this out? Look at the attorney's online reviews on Avvo, Google or even Facebook. Also, call and ask us! At Monast Law Office, we're happy to answer your questions to make sure we're the best fit for one another.

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I began practicing workers' compensation law in 1985. Since 2003, the first year specialization was permitted, I've been a certified Ohio workers’ comp specialist attorney, and I'm prepared to handle any workers' comp claim. Whether you were injured working for FedEx, Amazon, Ohio State, Kroger, Honda, or any other public or private employer in the Buckeye State, I've probably represented a client just like you.

Download your free copy of The Worker’s Guide to Injury Compensation in Ohio today to gain a better understanding of Ohio’s workers’ compensation laws. Then, contact our office in Upper Arlington for a free consultation to learn more about us.


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