Workers' comp for multiple injuriesIf you're injured on the job once, you could be hurt again…and again. If you work in a hazardous field, you could be temporarily disabled several times over your career. Any time an on-the-job injury prevents you from working, you can collect compensation until you're able to work again.

At Monast Law Office, we have several clients in this exact situation. We're proud to help them for 20 years or longer.

Many Workers Collect Compensation Several Times

Sometimes, a single claim can require ongoing legal assistance to get approval for new treatments or additional allowances. With other clients, we help them get the compensation they need to recover, they return to work, and then they're injured again and need to file a new claim.

One client who comes to mind is a nurse who injured her neck, back, shoulder, and hip in a fall. She filed a claim, took some time to recover, and returned to work while continuing treatment. Years later, she slipped on ice in the parking lot and tore her rotator cuff. She filed a new claim, got treatment, and returned to light-duty work.

Unfortunately, she damaged her rotator cuff again when she tried to stop a runaway cart. She returned to her job, this time to a desk position. But when her office chair flipped over, she hurt her previously-injured shoulders, neck, and back, and could not continue working. Having been her attorney through these claims, I was pleased to get her approved for permanent total disability benefits.

I've had other clients who suffered multiple injuries at work over the years—including several school bus drivers. When you're employed in a physically-demanding field, you're at a higher risk of getting hurt on the job, and each injury is worse than the last. Having a long-term relationship with these clients helps me act quickly and efficiently on their behalf, and also gives them the peace of mind that I'm on their side at a difficult time.

My Team and I Are Here for You—Now and in the Future!

With over 30 years in workers’ compensation law in Ohio, I've just about seen it all. My knowledge and experience with many people in all lines of work mean I can help with your claim, whatever the circumstances. And my team will be here for you if you need us, even years later!  Download a copy of our free resource, Worker’s Guide to Injury Compensation in Ohio, and contact us today to learn more. 


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