Lawyer Shaking a New Client's HandWorkers’ compensation is supposed to be a blame-free safety net for hard-working Ohioans injured on the job. If you are hurt while performing your duties at work, your employer’s state-funded or private workers’ comp insurer should cover your medical bills and lost wages until you can work again. Filing a claim should be a simple matter of reporting your injury, getting a medical evaluation, and having your claim approved. While some claims are this smooth, others are significantly more complicated. With the help of an Ohio workers’ comp attorney, however, you can move past the obstacles and get the medical and financial support you deserve.

Benefits of Hiring a Workers’ Comp Attorney

A legal professional who has handled thousands of workers’ comp claims will know a lot more about the process than a first-time claimant. Even if—or perhaps especially if—your employer says you don’t need a lawyer to file a claim, take the time to at least talk to one about your case. Specifically, a workers’ comp attorney provides these benefits:

  1. Making sure you are eligible and meet the requirements. Before you get too far into the process, a lawyer can review your claim and make sure you are eligible for workers’ comp benefits after an injury or illness. Your lawyer will also make sure that you can prove that the injury happened at work, that you have seen an approved doctor, and that you have met any deadlines. In other words, an attorney will get you off on the right foot.
  2. Helping you seek full and appropriate benefits. Ohio workers’ comp provides a variety of benefits, including paying medical bills and replacing lost wages. You could qualify for total disability benefits—either temporary or permanent. A workers’ comp lawyer will know what’s available, what you qualify for, and what your claim is worth so you won’t leave money on the table if your claim is approved. 
  3. Overcoming challenges. Workers’ comp claims can be fraught with obstacles. Employers could discourage you from filing a claim, accuse you of lying, or deny your claim. Even after a claim has been approved, certain treatments could be denied, benefits could stop without explanation, and a recurring or worsening injury could cause problems. When an attorney is on the case from the beginning, s/he can deal with these challenges for you. 
  4. Knowing when and how to appeal. If your claim is denied, you might have grounds to file an appeal. This is not something you ever want to handle on your own as it involves evidence, medical exams, hearings, and more. Your workers’ comp attorney will have the experience to know when an appeal is necessary and how to ensure it succeeds.
  5. Freeing you up to focus on healing. Being unable to work because of an injury and facing mounting medical bills is stressful. Managing a workers’ comp claim on top of that is more than you should have to handle. When you have retained a workers’ comp attorney to represent you in a claim or appeal, you can focus on recovering from your injury and caring for your family while your attorney and his/her team take care of the details of your claim.

There are additional benefits to hiring a workers’ comp attorney, and those will be explained to you when you talk to a member of our team. In essence, you hire a lawyer to help you to play a game you don't know the rules, the tricks, or the players in the game. Since you don't know any of those, I recommend giving our team a call to discuss your situation in a free consultation.

But How Can I Afford an Attorney?

You’re out of work and need expensive medical treatment. How can you consider paying for a lawyer to manage your workers’ comp claim? At Monast Law Office, we understand this dilemma. That’s why we work under a contingency fee agreement. That means you don’t pay us anything upfront but, if we can recover compensation over and above the cost of your medical bills, we will take a percentage of that award. We will explain exactly how that works when you contact us.

Call Us for a Free Consultation

If you have suffered a work-related injury, call Monast Law Office today. The initial consultation is free and can often be done over the phone. Our legal team will discuss your unique situation, help you understand your options, let you know what to expect from the claims process, and explain how we may help.


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