Why ERISA benefits don't apply to government benefitsThe Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is a set of federal laws that establishes standards for private-industry employers offering benefit plans—including disability insurance—to employees. However, ERISA doesn't apply to benefits provided by government employers.

While government benefits aren't subject to ERISA laws, that doesn’t mean they lack regulation. If you work for a local, state, or federal government agency and need to appeal a disability denial, you should
seek an attorney who has experience with government claims.

Which Government Jobs Are Excluded From ERISA?

ERISA only applies to private companies, so benefits offered by public employers at all levels—local, state, and federal—are exempt from these regulations. These public employees most likely have plans that aren't subject to ERISA:

  • Teachers
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Firefighters
  • Office and custodial staff in government buildings
  • Members of the military
  • Employees of federal agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service or the Department of Justice
  • Employees of state agencies, such as the Department of Health
  • Employees of state or national parks
  • Ohio road crew workers 

While the plans offered by government entities aren't subject to ERISA laws, some employees of government agencies may have long-term disability benefits through an association, such as a teacher’s union. Those entities may be considered private employers, and the benefits they offer could be subject to ERISA laws.

If you are having trouble getting a long-term disability (LTD) claim approved in Ohio, consult an ERISA attorney to discover how to proceed.

Long-term disability case guide

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