In Ohio, most workers’ compensation matters are handled by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). Claiming benefits for an injury at work is easy and may be done by completing and submitting to the BWC a claim application form “First Report of Injury” or FROI-1.

Ohio Form to report work injuryThese forms are available online at, at your doctor’s office or hospital and from your employer’s human resource department. The FROI-1 may be completed by hand and submitted to your local BWC office in person, to your employer’s benefits department where it may be forwarded to the BWC via fax or online at

Health providers may also submit the injury report electronically or via fax to your employer’s Managed Care Organization (MCO) or to the BWC.

The information required on the FROI-1 is similar to that needed for a short or long term disability application or an application for Social Security Disability. You must provide information describing how and where the accident occurred and indicate the part of the body injured. Indicate when you reported the injury to your employer and when and where you sought medical treatment.

The BWC may contact the treating doctor or hospital for additional diagnostic information and for copies of the treatment records if this information is not submitted with the injury report. Once you receive medical attention, if you haven’t already, let your employer know you have filed a claim.

If your employer is self-insured, it must report to the BWC all claims for workplace injuries resulting in seven (7) or more days lost wages. Regardless, it is still a good idea to follow up with the BWC to make sure the claim application has been filed so an official record of the injury is in the system and so a claim number may be assigned.

Although the BWC is not a party to disputed claims involving self-insured employers, it is still responsible for assigning claim numbers to injuries (a number you must provide to all health providers who treat you for your on-the-job injury) and maintaining at least a minimal electronic file on your claim.

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