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  • Workers' COMPanion October 2019 With Halloween coming up at the end of October, I wanted to talk about something that was really scary in this months newsletter...My unexpected new start.
  • Workers' COMPanion September 2019 Wilma shares part 2 of her adventures abroad in Italy, Our client Beverly's story, a closer look at the dark side of 2-day shipping at Amazon, and more.
  • Workers' COMPanion August 2019 This month we hear from our director of operations Wilma Sams adventures abroad, an injured bus drivers client story, workers; comp burn injuries, and more!
  • Workers' COMPanion July 2019 Remembering Monast 4th of July traditions, the power of nostalgia, Chris' client story, and questions you can expect in your workers' comp hearing!
  • Workers' COMPanion June 2019 A Father's Day Token of Support, a clients story who's suffered multiple injuries as a bus driver, thoughts on releasing medical records to the BWC, and more!
  • Workers' COMPanion May 2019 This month, read the link between depression and workers' comp, a clients story who worked at a Honda manufacturing plant, and tips on picking the right doctor.
  • Workers' COMPanion April 2019 Read about the bulldogs, huskies, and pugs of my life, Dawn's client story, and how pregnancy may or may not affect your workers' comp benefits.
  • Workers' COMPanion March 2019 Guiding clients through dark times, getting the most out of your digital home assistant, traumatic brain injuries, and our friend and client Ernest's story.
  • Workers' COMPanion February 2019 Jim's family looks to the future, Diane's client story, how Mr. Rogers saved PBS, and the skinny on MEDCO-14 forms all in this issue of the Workers' COMPanion.
  • Workers' COMPanion January 2019 Shed the unnecessary in the New Year, read a longtime clients story who works at Honda, and how the Supreme Court muddies the waters for TTD benefits.