Workers' COMPanion Newsletters

Monast Law Office in Upper Arlington, OH shares important information workers hurt at work in Ohio in our monthly newsletters. Stay up-to-date on current workers' compensation news and more!
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  • Workers COMPanion October 2018 This month Jim shares a spooky near death experience, a case result of a local lumber yard worker, and what to expect at your upcoming workers' comp hearing.
  • Workers COMPanion September 2018 Jim shares epiphanies from his school years, autumn steps for a better spring garden, and situations you should and shouldn't attempt to manage your own claim.
  • Workers' COMPanion August 2018 Jim remembers a dear friend and mentor Gunner Riley, shares transportation safety tips, and discusses additional allowance claims.
  • Workers' COMPanion July 2018 In this edition, Jim Monast reflects on his family's long military history, shares a client story, and discusses filing a claim as a small business employee.
  • Workers' COMPanion June 2018 In this month's Workers' COMPanion, Jim Monast reflects on the joy of summer breaks growing up, shares everything you need to know about FROI reports, and a fun story about Ringo the cat.
  • Workers' COMPanion May 2018 In this issue, Jim shares his favorite novel, we highlight three of history's bravest moms, and discuss how to know if your employer is retaliating against you after a work injury claim.
  • Workers' COMPanion April 2018 Jim Monast reflects on one of his best pranks and longest friendships, benefits of a family garden, 3 things you need to know about the WC claims process and more!
  • Workers' COMPanion March 2018 When clients become like family, Wilma Sams employee spotlight, how pre-existing conditions apply to workers' compensation and much more in this month's Workers' COMPanion!
  • Workers' COMPanion February 2018 Read what Jim is thankful for this Valentine’s Day, what your child can learn from baking and another client's success story in the February issue of the Workers' COMPanion.
  • Workers' COMPanion January 2018 2018 is rapidly approaching - learn what Monast Law Office in Columbus has planned for the upcoming year, a note of caution about the BWC Special Investigation Unit, and more!