Workers' COMPanion Newsletters

Monast Law Office in Upper Arlington, OH shares important information workers hurt at work in Ohio in our monthly newsletters. Stay up-to-date on current workers' compensation news and more!
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  • Workers' COMPanion March 2018 When clients become like family, Wilma Sams employee spotlight, how pre-existing conditions apply to workers' compensation and much more in this month's Workers' COMPanion!
  • Workers' COMPanion February 2018 Read what Jim is thankful for this Valentine’s Day, what your child can learn from baking and another client's success story in the February issue of the Workers' COMPanion.
  • Workers' COMPanion January 2018 2018 is rapidly approaching - learn what Monast Law Office in Columbus has planned for the upcoming year, a note of caution about the BWC Special Investigation Unit, and more!
  • Workers' COMPanion December 2017 Decembers edition of the Workers' COMPanion is here. Jim is wrangling the family for the holidays, finding creative ways to wrap holiday gifts, and always providing tips for injured workers.
  • Workers' COMPanion November 2017 November is a time of gratitude and reflection. Jim does just that in our most recent newsletter, along with sharing an impressive case result, a message about the opioid epidemic and more.
  • Workers' COMPanion October 2017 Can you believe October is already here? Prepare to be spooked in our most recent edition of the Workers' COMPanion.
  • Workers' COMPanion September 2017 The September 2017 newsletter is ready! Read about a Nurse we were able to obtain a very favorable settlement for and the most dangerous jobs in Ohio.
  • Workers' COMPanion August 2017 The Workers' COMPanion August 2017 edition is ready! We celebrate inspirational teachers, share healthy popcorn recipes, and discuss employment safety concerns.
  • Workers' COMPanion July 2017 Here's the Workers' COMPanion July 2017 edition! This edition celebrates July 4th, offers coupon clipping thoughts, and has 3 tips for a successful claim.
  • Workers' COMPanion June 2017 Workers' COMPanion June 2017 - This edition includes articles on Father's Day, Impressive case results in Ohio, and your need for a Workers' Comp attorney.